Stem Cell Injections and Allograft Tissue Injections

With careful patient selection, stem cell and allograft tissue injections have the ability to help patients recover from various musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries, and frequently help patients avoid or delay surgical intervention.  Stem cell and allograft tissue injections can be an excellent treatment option when traditional interventions have failed to provide a reduction of symptoms and increase in function. These injections are considered for the long term reduction of pain and inflammation, resulting overall in sustained functional improvement.  Allograft tissue with mesenchymal stem cell injections work to supplement the body‘s natural healing process, and provide a healthy cellular environment to reduce long term inflammation and accelerate recovery and healing of damaged tissue.

In our clinic, we only consider these procedures as an option after an objective and thorough diagnostic work up has been completed. They are considered frequently after traditional cortisone injections have provided excellent but short term improvement.  As such, in addition to MRI or other imaging modalities, allograft tissue stem cell injections can provide long-term reduction of pain and inflammation, without further destruction of tissue, as can occur with repeat steroid injections.  These allograft tissue stem cell injections have also helped many patients avoid anti-inflammatory and/or pain medications which can result in long-term harm or damage in many ways. In almost all cases, these procedures are followed closely with a customized rehab program, including physical therapy and exercise, to ensure the highest attainable outcome.

Additionally, functional improvements and outcomes are tracked at six weeks post injection, three months, six months, and one year. This data is tracked and stored in the patient’s chart using the same functional outcome measures of improvement through either surgical or non-surgical interventions, such as the the WOMAC scoring system. This data is pivotal, and collected in collaboration with orthopedic surgical and nonsurgical peers. Although allograft tissue mesenchymal stem cell injections are not a substitute for surgical intervention when it is unavoidable, they may be considered as an alternative treatment with proper screening and patient selection.

With this approach, allograft tissue stem cell injections are performed only after each individual and their condition is thoroughly analyzed and well understood. These injections are performed utilizing ultrasound for guidance as necessary, and are expected to significantly reduce pain and inflammation and to promote tissue healing in the knee, shoulder, and hip. Following this protocol, we have been performing allograft tissue stem cell injections with integrity, and have extremely high success rate in restoring function in extremity injuries and degenerative conditions. We are pleased to offer these newly progressive and alternative treatments that, in our experience, have proven to be a safe and highly effective as an in office, minimally invasive procedure.

By utilizing only FDA registered labs and compliant procedure protocols, the highest level of allograft tissue mesenchymal stem cells are a safe and highly successful injection as performed by Dr. Zinis. We welcome and encourage healthy dialogue from respected physician and surgical peers, who also specialize in the treatment of orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and sports related injuries.