Dr Zanis Is The First Doctor To Take The Time To Make It Clear What My Conditions Are And Options For Treatment. He Explains Everything Completely In A Very Understandable Way. He Really Took His Time To Review My Records And Made Me Feel Unrushed At Our Visit.
CHRISTOPHER B. | Aug 19, 2023

Dr. Zinis Is A Delight To Work With. He Is Incredibly Knowledgeable & Empathetic, And Works Hard To Get The Best Results For His Patients. I Highly Recommend His Practice.
Jill J. | Aug 08, 2023

Always Helpful And Caring.
Richard C. | Aug 08, 2023

I’ve Been A Patient Of Dr. Zinis For Over 20 Years, During That Time He And His Staff Have Always Been Caring While Also Displaying A High Level Of Professionalism.
Kenny W. | Aug 08, 2023

Excellent! Very Thorough. Takes Time To Understand Your Issue.
Mona F. | Aug 05, 2023

Great Office Staff! …Always Pleasant And Efficient! Dr. Zinis Is The Absolute Best Physician I Have. He Is Compassionate And Really Takes The Time To Understand And Identify My Medical Needs. I Have Depended On His Brilliant Diagnostic Abilities Based On My Individual Symptoms And Concerns For Over 20 Years. He’s Kept Me Going Utilizing The Best Therapies And Practices To Achieve The My Healing…Not Just A Part Of Me But My Body As A Whole. Don’t Know Where I’d Be Without Him!
Tamara H. | Aug 04, 2023

Raili Is Amazing. She Made Me At Ease With Her Manner, Explanations And Treatment. No One Likes To Get An Injection, But I Barely Felt It. Five Stars Every Step Of The Way.
Jeanne P. | Aug 04, 2023

Dr Raili Is Caring And Listens To Her Patients. She Lets Them Take An Active Role In Their Health Care.
Barbara G. | Aug 04, 2023

Raili Has Been A Great Resource For My Lower Back Pain. She Listens And Then Creates A Plan Of Action.
Steve W. | Aug 04, 2023

Dr. Zinis Has Great ‘Beside Manner’ If You Know What I Mean. He Is A Doctor That Both Cares For And Looks Out For His Patience Best Interest. A Rare Quality Now A Days.
Curtis B. | Jul 28, 2023

Dr. Zinis Is Very Thorough And Helpful
Laura S. | Jun 21, 2023

Best Doctor That Cares About His Patient.
Willard J. | Jun 20, 2023

Always Great Service
Dan C. | Jun 20, 2023

Yanni Is So Thorough, Knowledgebale And Respectful Of A Patient’s Situation. I Have Complete Trust In His Care And Abilities.
Diane L. | Jun 18, 2023

Love The Personal Attention – And Complete Explanation.
Dave G. | Jun 17, 2023

5 Stars, Great Staff, Friendly Professional, And Clean And Neat Office Space.
Klea K. | Jun 17, 2023

Always Good To Have Rallie Explain Things
Roberta N. | Jun 16, 2023

I Have Been A Patient Of Doctor Zinnis For Close To Twenty Years. Yani Is Responsible For The Fact That I Am Still Mobile And Active At Eighty Years Old Without Surgical Intervention. Thank You, Dr. Zinnis
Bob F. | Jun 16, 2023

I Have Been Seeing Dr. Zinis For 25 Years And Have Always Been Impressed With His Expertise. As My Arthritic Condition Progresses To The Negative I Depend On Him For Relief Both Physically And Emotionally. Thank You
Susan D. | Jun 16, 2023

Zinis Is The Best In Town!
Jen D. | Jun 16, 2023

Amazing Doctor – He Listens And Truly Cares About Your Situation. He Did A Great Job Getting Things Working While Avoiding A Joint Replacement. I Highly Recommend.
Jo H. | Jun 15, 2023

Caring, Thoughtful And Thorough.
Sandra W. | Jun 15, 2023

Dr Zinis Is One Of My Favorite Drs Ever In My Life. He Is Knowledgeable, Smart, A Great Dr But Also A Very Kind And Empathetic Person Who Truly Cares About His Patients. His Office Staff, Reed And Riley And Everyone Are Great Also!
Valere H. | Jun 15, 2023

Very Professional And Knowledgeable.
Carl M. | Jun 15, 2023

“I’ve had three successful surgeries performed by Dr. Jonathan Hancock. His professionalism and caring nature are beyond measure.”
Bob C.

“Before my stem cell, I went from very very painful to walk at all, to feeling like I had no boundaries”
Gail G.

“I had shoulder pain and couldn’t reach my right arm behind me to put a belt through a loop in my pants. Dr. Zinis suggested that I try a stem cell corecyte product. He told me it could take a few months to see results. I had results in about a week, and I’m now close to 100%. I’m swimming, and regularly doing Pilates with no shoulder issues. And, yes, I can put my belt through a loop in my pants.”
Jeffrey F.

“I had a serious ankle injury from playing hockey and had been dealing with constant pain for over 2 years. After an MRI and several appointments, he performed a stem cell injection and to my surprise, the pain was gone almost instantaneously! It has now been almost 3 months and my ankle feels 100% again with ZERO pain. I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Zinis. I never thought I’d be back to playing hockey and gold pain free!”
Alan R.

“Dr. Zinis kept me working and on the field. Most amazing doctor. Helped me through tough back and neck surgery.”
Michael D., Major League Empire

“Patient of Dr. Zinis for 20 years. Dr. Zinis and his team offer a friendly and very supportive comfortable environment. I highly recommend Dr. Zinis and his team.”
Renee A., Upper Limb Amputee

“Dr. Zinis has been incredible. I would recommend seeing him for any movement issues.”
Mike, World Long Drive Competition

“Dr. Zinis has changed my life! He has enabled me to get back to exercising and living pain freee. I’m so grateful to have found him.”
Monica M.

“Dr Zinis is the best doctor in the Denver metro area for join pain. His approach is unique and thorough. He always listens and takes time to explain. He has helped me to live a pain-free active life. I am forever grateful.”
Saul M.

“Exceptional experience. Doctor is highly knowledgeable. Staff are helpful and courteous. Came up with a plan to improve my health.”
Matt F.

“Stem cell has allowed me to get my life back. I was unable to bike anymore because of knee pain and now I am biking three days per week. I don’t even think about pain. Truly a blessing.”
John O.

“The office is wonderful. Any time you need something, they are always on it. Thanks for being great!”
Melissa C.

“Great experience with Dr. Zinis and Raili! Thanks!”
Lisa C.

“Dr. Zinis and Raili, I just want to say thank you for the excellent care I am receiving. I truly appreciate your guidance and expertise, and am grateful to be feeling so much better! I feel lucky to be in such good hands! Thank you!
Pam V.

“I have seen Dr. Zinis on and off for several back/hip issues since 1994. This week was my latest visit for a nagging back problem. I was wowed (once again) by how thorough this practitioner is.

He’s also sensitive to patient costs–a rarity these days. Zinis is the only MD I currently see who has taken the time to put together all the pieces and come up with some underlying causes vs. just treating a symptom. Amazing and so valued. I just wish we could clone him…”
Jeanne P.

“I came in for right shoulder pain- did physical therapy to strengthen, then did Stem cell. It took 2-3 weeks for improvement…now 2 months later- NO PAIN. Very pleased!”
Marily M.

“I have been a patient of Yani Zinis for 20 years and can’t praise him highly enough. He has taken care of my beat up body and kept me functioning. I have never had any problems with Yani’s diagnostics or treatments.”

“Dr. Zinis is an excellent doctor. I have had several orthopedic doctors over the years and have found Dr Zinis to be the absolute best. He is extremely well versed and has great diagnostic skill. His recommendations are spot on. He is caring and takes the time to explain in terms that can be understood by his patients.”
Paul F.

“I have been seeing Dr. Zinis for nearly 9 years and have always received his undivided attention and care. He’s the type of doctor who will take a medical diagram out of the text book to show you and teach you what’s going on with your pain…he doesn’t just throw drugs at a problem and hope it goes away. His attentiveness to healing correctly and hopefully non surgically is admirable. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Dr. Zinis is very knowledgeable, provides excellent review of non-surgical and when necessary, surgical options and is very personable. I have been his patient for over 10 years and would highly recommend to anyone needing help.”
Bruce C.

“Dr. Zinis’s experience and knowledge of sports medicine and injuries is so beneficial to his patients. He is a true professional in his field. His caring, treatment, and positive attitude helps with the healing of his patients.

Dr. Zinis has helped me stay active and stronger through his management of my surgeries, physical therapy, and injections.”
Bob C.

“In today’s increasingly impersonal healthcare system, it’s truly unique to find a doctor like Dr. Zinis. Not only are his professional talents exemplary, but most importantly he takes the time to talk with patients. It’s increasingly commonplace for medical practices dominated by surgeons to want to immediately operate. While there is often a definite need for surgery, Dr. Zinis has provided me with information and alternative treatments for my back, knees, and shoulder.”
Jeffrey F.

My experience was amazing. I have zero pain- followed instructions (rest, ibuprofen, and physical therapy) and am totally pain free.”
Astrid R.

“Just totally awesome care, they listen, and take care of you so you can continue to live and enjoy life.”
Trinaka E.

Thank you for the decades of great care! You’ve literally kept me on my feet. I appreciate you and am grateful to you for all your help.”

“Great doctor. Always listens and takes time to help you get better. Answers all questions. Fantastic office and staff. Very helpful. Dr Zinis was great as always.”

“…Again, in 2018 you knew what I should do for my torn cartilage, I did not have to have surgery, and have been able to continue my very active life style.”
Barbara R.