Allograft tissue injections are cellular tissue therapies that can give your body a powerful boost of healing substances. At Denver Sports Medicine and Spine, foremost physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists Yani C. Zinis, DO, and Raili Donnelly, PA-C, offer allograft tissue injections as an alternative for cases where traditional interventions fail. This type of treatment can give you a long-term reduction of chronic inflammation and pain and promote tissue repair to restore function. To learn more, call the Denver, Colorado, office or book your appointment online now.

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What are allograft tissue injections?

Allograft tissue therapy is an alternative treatment involving injections of a cell-rich substance with remarkable healing properties. The cells and growth factors in allograft tissue therapy are the human body’s most powerful anti-inflammatory products.

They’re sometimes known as the body’s master cells because they repair, replace, and regenerate your body’s weak, lost, and damaged cells.

When might I need allograft tissue injections?

Allograft tissue injections can be an excellent option for the long-term reduction of pain and chronic inflammation*.

The team individually evaluates each patient. If you’ve already tried conservative therapies and still have pain and function difficulties, you might be a candidate for allograft tissue injections.

Many patients who get good short-term results from cortisone injections, but need repeated injections, could be good candidates. The injections provide long-lasting relief without the risks attached to ongoing cortisone use.

Patients who rely on anti-inflammatory or pain medications may choose alternative injections to obtain pain relief.

Allograft tissue injections may help certain patients avoid or delay surgery.

How can I get the best results from allograft tissue injections?

The team recommends a personalized rehabilitation program, including physical therapy and exercise, to help you get the highest attainable outcome.

They track your improvements at six weeks, three months, six months, and one year post-injection. The team collaborates with orthopedic surgeons and other colleagues to evaluate your results and ensure you’re getting the highest standard of care.

Denver Sports Medicine and Spine has a remarkable track record of successful allograft tissue injections. To learn more, call the office or book your appointment online.

*Some tissue injections are FDA-approved only for the treatment of certain cancers, blood disorders, and immune disorders. 

*Denver Sports Medicine and Spine has remarkably high success rates in using alternative therapies to treat degenerative conditions and extremity injuries affecting the knee, shoulder, and hip.