Nonsurgical care of acute and chronic sports and orthopedic injuries.

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Wrist & Hand

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Foot & Ankle

Sprains, tendonitis, plantarfascitis


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Bursitis, impingement, arthritis, SI joint, labral teat



Progressive yet minimally invasive treatment options

Cortisone injections, or if indicated, visco supplementation, can be injected into joint spaces to help decrease inflammation and pain.

Electromyographic diagnostic studies completed to objectively assess neurologic status or damage.

Patients blood is drawn and spun through a centrifuge to separate the platelets and their growth factors into a concentrated serum, which is then injected back in to the patients affected joint.

With appropriate patient selection, stem cell/allograft tissue injections can be an excellent option for the long term reduction of pain and chronic inflammation, and can significantly contribute to functional improvements. Only the highest of industry standards in allograft tissue stem cell procedures are utilized. For more information, click here.

Yani Zinis D.O

Yani C. Zinis, D.O.

Board Certified,
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Committed to the highest level of specialty care in the nonsurgical treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries with a focus on sports medicine.

Yani Zinis Denver Sports Medicine patient care

Our Patients’ Reviews


“Dr. Zinis and his team offer a friendly and very supportive comfortable environment. Daphne welcomes you at the front counter with a warm and welcome smile. Highly recommend Dr. Zinis and his team.”

Renee A.
Upper limb amputee, patient of Dr. Zinis for 20 years


“Dr. Zinis is very knowledgeable, provides excellent review of non-surgical and when necessary, surgical options and is very personable. I have been his patient for over 10 years and would highly recommend to anyone needing help.”

Bruce C.

“Dr. Zinis kept me working and on the field. Most amazing Doctor helped me through tough back and neck surgery.”

Michael D., Major League Baseball Umpire


“I came in for right shoulder pain- did physical therapy to strengthen, then did Stem cell. It took 2-3 weeks for improvement…now 2 months later- NO PAIN. Very pleased!”

Marilyn M.

“Dr. Zinis and staff, I just wanted to thank you all for all your help and kindness in getting me through this very difficult “bump in the road”. Dr. Zinis, your incredible knowledge and tender loving care has kept me from needing back surgery!! Thank you for all your devotion in all that you do for us all.”

Teresa M. & family


“I have been seeing Dr. Zinis for nearly 9 years and have always received his undivided attention and care. He’s the type of doctor who will take a medical diagram out of the text book to show you and teach you what’s going on with your pain…he doesn’t just throw drugs at a problem and hope it goes away. His attentiveness to healing correctly and hopefully non surgically is admirable. I would recommend him to anyone.”



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